Glad to be back

I first want to thank all of you who have contacted me in recent days, checking in to see if all is okay. As is always the case in the end of August, I get swept away in preparing for back to school. This year’s preps were joined by a wondrous trip to Florida (drove down Friday, family wedding on Saturday, drove home Sunday, school began Monday) and starting two new jobs teaching at our local community college and writing for I also picked up a column in another pub, Mason-Dixon Arrive, earlier this summer, so there’s been a rush of good things here in the last few weeks.

But I’m glad to be back.

My nephew’s wedding was a magnificent event for our family. This was the first family wedding in 15 years (my wedding was the last in 1994), and our children’s first wedding ever attended. Needless to say, they had no idea what to expect.

Driving down was the best option for us, and although I don’t think I would do it again under normal vacation circumstances, it really wasn’t so bad. The kids were great, and my wife and I kept the conversation running for most of the 15 hours it took each way.

Here are just a few of the pics that I took of the wedding. Both of our nephews are in the Army. Kyle’s leave from Iraq was timely for the wedding; Kevin, who was the groom, leaves for Afghanistan in 2 weeks. Needless to say, the event held great significance–even more than a family wedding might normally have. My sister Cindy, who has been battling cancer, was thrilled (as we all were for her) to be dancing during the reception.

Like I said–a truly remarkable occasion.





One thought on “Glad to be back

  1. It was a wonderful trip and I would do it all again…even with all the “adventure” and side trips! Seeing Cindy dancing with Kevin was worth everything we went through to get there. So glad I was able to be a part of such a wonderful, memorable, and special occasion. Not to mention getting to see all my favorite relatives! 😉


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