Christmas Countdown 2009: No. 16. Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra


This is the second song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra to make the countdown (First Snow came in at no. 26); this is also the second time Pachelbel’s Canon has been featured (Variations on the Kanon by George Winston kicked off the countdown at no. 30). I just couldn’t pass on this version, though, especially since Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be playing here in Baltimore this evening at the First Mariner Arena. I am sure they will be performing this song.

This particular track is from their 1998 cd titled The Christmas Attic, the second of the Christmas trilogy which includes Christmas Eve and Other Stories and The Lost Christmas Eve. The choir who performed this song is from St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York City.

It’s the first of several songs in the countdown that features the voices of young children. For me, this has always grounded me in the meaning of Christmas, the enthusiasm and the innocence of our children as they are in awe of the magic of Christmas. As a father of three children (two of whom are still wowed by the celebration), I experience this time of year with unconditional joy for them as much as a deep reflection on my own childhood memories of sharing this holiday with my sister. It almost seems unfair that I should be so lucky to be able to combine the two experiences. It makes me appreciate this season that much more, in all ways.

If it is even possible, though, it runs deeper than just my own experience.

As adults, we tend to cherish the innocence of our children as they experience all the world has to offer them with open hearts and a belief in all things good. Some say it is their naiveté that makes them “vulnerable” to such foolish thinking. After all, the world is a cruel place, right? It is filled with mean-spirited people who have created this societal machine that strips individuals of their freedoms and their rights. Correct?

We’re led to believe this. We’ve given into the false premise that life isn’t fair and that children aren’t living in the Real World of hard knocks and broken dreams.

Wait till you get older, we tell them. Then you’ll see how life really is.

How dare we demand them to let go of their beliefs, their dreams, and their innocence when they grow up! Who are we to track them so dangerously along a path of broken hearts and dreams? Perhaps if we adults wouldn’t be so preoccupied with the darker side of growing up. we could actually convert that negative energy and encourage them to continue believing in themselves and embrace the power of that magical love for life.

Imagine that. Our children growing up with confidence, love, and a belief that the magic and innocence of their youth is the very core of their being, the foundation upon which all of their life decisions are considered.

So when you hear their voices singing, hear their message. Listen to the magic and the love and the belief in all the things we, as grown-ups, try so desperately to hold on to. Let them remind us that these remain inside of us, and we still have the chance to let our little ones know that the magic of Christmas is something they should hold tightly to, for the rest of their lives.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown 2009: No. 16. Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  1. The angelic sounds from the mouths of babe… amazing!
    The wonderment of children at Chrismas is magical and I havent figured out as they grow older,why teens and adults want to take that away from them. What happened to “the spirit of christmas and belief in Santa lies within your heart” and how much more real can that be? Its like taking away the joys of watching Peter Pan or The Polar Express… the belief doesnt have to die–its right their within our hearts for as long as we allow it to be there!


  2. You ask such good questions, Michele. I think the key is what you wrote at the very end: “As long as we allow it to be in there.” The things that occupy our heart as children are replaced by “getting ahead” and “making it” in a society that demands business before pleasure. In other words, Get your work done first; if there’s time left over, we’ll spend a few minutes cherishing the things that were once important to us.
    If we never allow that mentality to take over our hearts, and if we continue to pursue a life filled with love and selflessness, I think we’re prepared to enter any job with an attitude that puts these things above all else.
    And–it will probably make us be much better in the professions we’ve chosen because we never abandoned love!


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