Christmas Countdown 2009: No. 3. O Holy Night by Celtic Woman

Sometimes, a song moves you so much that words seem to get in the way of its powerful meaning. O Holy Night, which has been sung beautifully by countless artists and choirs, is one of those songs. In fact, when I first created the Christmas Countdown during Thanksgiving weekend, I had it listed as my number two choice. It was only this morning that I switched numbers 3 and 2, particularly for historical purposes. (More on that tomorrow–Christmas Eve!)

Songs 3 and 2, though, are so very similar in the memories they stir of evenings with my mother and father when I was young, when I lived in my cabins when I was a bit older, and now when we drive home from Christmas Eve gatherings with friends and their families. It reminds me of Christmas Eve services held at midnight, both those that I have attended in person and those that have been broadcast on television as Amy and I finish our last-minute wrapping of gifts for our children. O Holy Night stills my world and aligns within me the spiritual meaning of Christmas with all things pure. It is one of the holiest songs in my life.

Perhaps it is the universal stillness that comes after all the shopping is done, where nothing more can be bought; we are given the opportunity to discard the hustle and bustle of the shopping frenzy and turn our thoughts to the stillness of the night, of the promise of a celebratory dawn, a rejoicing of life and love in ways that no material present can ever provide us.

Enjoy this performance of O Holy Night. Please feel free to share your favorite version…there are so many!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown 2009: No. 3. O Holy Night by Celtic Woman

  1. Absolutely my FAVORITE song! It brings me to tears every time I hear it. People have always asked me why it is my favorite, and I have never been able to really explain it. Perhaps now I will just let them read what you wrote about about it, since you captured the meaning and feelings it stirs perfectly. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  2. Ok– you know this was my number 1 song for the top Christmas song… Ill accept it as your number 3– particularly since you chose the Celtic Woman version. Standing before you in this video clip are 5 true angelic voices from God ALmighty Himself. I have seen Celtic Woman several times in concert and will again this Feb. Never has my heart stood still, or tears run from my eyes as when I sit and listen to these harmonic voices together. I took my parents last year and watching what these woman did to transform my step dads soul was nothing less than a miricle itself. He was speechless… he was filled with awe, love, emotions ( esp. when they did Ave Maria. O Holy Night has been a long favorite of mine– it does something to me… I will admit its hard for me to hear let alone sing this song without getting emotional. The words, the melody, I dont know what it is or how to describle it except I feel closer to God when I hear it. Its like walking outside in the middle of the night after the first fallen snow. Everything is completely still… everything is so quiet… peaceful. Like there is no evil in the world.. there is no viloence, no sickness, no hatred among man. Just pure peace… a true holy night! Absolutly love this choice– thank you for picking this! xoxo


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