Here we are, all at the starting line together. Hand in hand, promise within promise, we look forward to the possibilities that await us in this new year. We’ve all got a few things going for us, so let’s look at those quickly:

  1. We’re starting with a fresh slate. Forgive yourself of the shortfalls of 2009 and begin anew. Don’t let the mistakes made in the last 12 months follow you into 2010. Instead, make the commitment to embrace all the new year has to offer, and go for it.
  2. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Stay grounded in the simple things: Love, Companionship, Charity, and Truth. Everything else will fall into place if you begin with these four.
  3. Believe in the You that you are right now. Don’t talk about how great it’s going to be in 4, 6, or 10 months. Talk about how great you’ve got it right now, and savor the glory of the You Moment right now. I don’t care if you are on a bus or standing in some checkout line. Love thyself. Always.
  4. Enjoy the passage of time. Every moment of it. Do not waste a single flutter of a butterfly’s wings or the final seconds of sun as it sets in the west.

The Secret O’ Life: Love, Companionship, Charity, Trust. ❤

I wish nothing but the absolute best for each of you in 2010!

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  1. Hey, man, your blog saved me this morning. I have been working my tail off in an incredibly rigid school environment where testing and dress code and fitting in and being masculine is crushing me and my creative spirit. Over this break, I just pulled away and did what I have always done–read towards renewal. And so, this morning, I got up at dawn and cranked out a YA novel called Anything but Typical. That, plus Sherman Alexie’s new one have saved me. And JT, here, and when Jess and I saw him at Tanglewood this summer, saved me.

    I read a few blogs back that we get caught up in the game of life. Man, I took the bait and got hooked. But I am going back to who I was, the Alfred E Newman of Boston!

    Peace to you and god bless for such a breath of fresh air.


    Eddie Mac
    The Uncrowned Prince of Boston


  2. Go, Ed. Follow the spirit within and never look back.
    We hope to make it up to New England this spring or summer; when we do, I’m hunting you down for that Pint.
    Go Mindfully into the new year….and, as always, KEEP WRITING!


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