Never Give Up: Inspiring words to guide us along the way

Owen, a student who attends the high school where I teach, shared this video on his Facebook group Small Acts of Kindness (SAK), which he started to give people a chance to share the little things that make the lives of others a bit better. He certainly did just that in sharing this video with me.

The video is about a man named Nick who has no arms or legs, and he has an amazing outlook on life that he shares with others through motivational workshops. Please take the five minutes or so to watch it. Let Nick share his story with you.

I’m always humbled by these stories and encouraged to appreciate my life in ways I never imagined. Nick reminds me that we must never give up, never quit, never stop trying to accomplish whatever goal we might have established. I think that’s what is so refreshing about the new year. If we’re able to give ourselves second chances and renewed opportunities just because the calendar year changed, why can’t we do that at any other time during the year?

I suggest we can, simply by remembering Nick and all that he teaches us in this brief video.

Enjoy this day, and Never Give Up. There’s always a reason to give the goal another try so that you may “finish strong.” as Nick puts it.

One thought on “Never Give Up: Inspiring words to guide us along the way

  1. Rus, thank you for posting this video and thank you student for sharing it with you. What an amazing man Nick is. Everyone has obstacles to overcome… imagine how much harder they are for someone like Nick. We can only count out blessings and draw inspiration and strength from stories like Nick. Truly motivational. Gives one hope that things arent always greenier on the other side… remembering that their are others suffering worse than myself… being grateful for what I do have and not for what I dont. I dont believe in making new year resolutions… why do I have to wait for that one time of year to promise myself to loose weight, ease stress, be kinder to others and to myself, stop smoking, be happier, be more charitable,be more organized, whatever it is we want, etc…. these are things we can do all year long… if we fail, dont beat ourselves up over it… failure can make a person stronger if we dont look at failure as such a negative… when you fall, pick yourself back up… look at Nick, not easy for him but he doesnt stay down… and neither should we. Thanks again Rus for posting this…. Happy New Year!


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