40 Days: 030310-D15.0

Namaste…it is 5:29 a.m.

I turn 45 today. In so many ways, though, I feel much younger.  I remember my mother telling me that age means nothing; it’s all about your attitude toward life and what you make of it.

After my father passed away in 1989, she impressed on me the need to seize every moment in life, cherish all its greatness and meanness that it may contain, and then move on to seizing the next moment, a little wiser. She practiced what she preached, and for the 18 years that separated their deaths, she was a model to many of us on what it means to live with love and appreciation.

I see this even more in the way my sister lives her life. Sometimes I wish I could take her on tour for everyone to meet. She changes lives, simply because she discards what she can’t control and treasures everything and everyone else. When I get down to Florida to spend some time with her, maybe she’ll let me shoot some video and share it with all of you.

We’re surrounded by such people, though, all the time. Many of us struggle with realizing that good that is within us, that love that has been suppressed because of fear, because of hurt, because of others who have tried to control us for whatever reason.

Let that fear go and live. Love yourself and love others. Become youthful in all that you do, all that you see. Embrace this moment in all its beauty and wonderment. It is not too late. It is never too late.

When I was younger — twenties to mid-thirties — I would hike a different mountain each year on my birthday. Ten years ago, when I turned 35, I hiked Sugarloaf Mountain with my best friend, Brad. We journaled throughout the walk, took our time and enjoyed the sounds of the wildlife, studied the early rebirth of the deciduous forest, and chatted about what it meant to be 35 — an age we deemed “old” when we were in high school. Ten years later, we are still best friends, and we can’t believe that we both turn 45 this year.

How quickly those ten years passed by.

I look back on those ten years and I am grateful for so much. I do not regret what I did not accomplish. I can only focus on what I can accomplish in this moment, today.

I called Brad the other day and told him I had found our shared writings from that hike, and we laughed like we could still feel the sting of our tired muscles. The images of what we saw on that summit seemed refreshed, ever-present in our memories because we took the time to recognize the beauty in those moments.

We don’t have to hike a mountain every day to recognize such beauty. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of standing still and letting the chatty business of the day fall away. Beauty rises in the sounds we hear, the images we have glossed over, the gentle touch of wind that has been surrounding us the entire way.

Enjoy your day, and every moment within it that presents you with a new, unrealized beauty. It is yours to cherish like no other.

Love to all,

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