40 Days: 031810-D30.0

Good evening. It is 9:47 p.m.

Very tired tonight, but I just had to share with you that I visited my best friend’s Dad tonight, and he looked great (see above). I talked about him in my last post, and I was so fortunate to see him looking so good.

Have a wonderful night everybody. 🙂

2 thoughts on “40 Days: 031810-D30.0

  1. What a wonderful photo!!! You both look great! How meaningful it is to be able to share these special moments, especially with those who have inspired and helped mold us into who we are today. I find myself sharing moments such as these on a daily basis with those I care for. Even though they were not a part of my life growing up, each and every one has touched my life in some small, yet significant way unbeknown to them, just as I (hopefully)have touched their lives and made a difference just the same.

    I feel this is the way it is with everyone we meet or come in contact with in our lives. God has brought them into our lives for a reason…we might not know why, but He did. We should embrace this person. Whether the relationship lasts or is just a passing greeting, it was for a reason…to smile at the person behind the counter who may have been having a bad day and just needed a smile, or that person you met and become best friends. If we could all remember this it would make for such a better world. All it takes is a smile…a hello…a wave…hold a door…say thank you…no money involved, and it takes just a second to make someone’s day.
    You never know who’s life you may save….it’s true….I did just by being my chipper old self!

    Enjoy every moment…savory every moment…and SMILE!
    It makes people wonder what you are up too! LOL!

    Luv ya lots Rus,


  2. Awww Rus!

    This just touched my heart ❤
    Mr. Cox looks well– happy and peaceful actually is what comes across in this pic.
    And you my friend, look great!
    I am soooo glad that you stopped by to visit with him… I am sure it meant so much for you to be there.
    I just want to hug you both!

    Wendys words were perfect– everyone comes into your life for a reason– whether its only for a moment or a lifetime–embrace them, learn from them, be thankful for them!

    Happy Friday- Its going to be a beautiful day so hope you can make the most of it.
    xoxo ~Chel


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