40 Days: 032210-D34.1

I’m so tense with my prose. I’ve been rereading my edits on Cold Rock, and I keep trying to impress. I keep trying to sound so important.

My readers don’t need me to preach or get in their way. They just want a good story. I need to write to them as if they are sitting across from me at the Bean Hollow or the Vintage Coffee House, ready to be entertained by a story and not a philosophy.

When will I genuinely start writing for them and not at them?

One thought on “40 Days: 032210-D34.1

  1. …. when you finally relax and understand that you will not be JUDGED… that we dont EXPECT perfection…. that when you sit across from us and just talk, its from the heart and just flows…. you dont NEED to impress… just be the natural story teller that you are and stop trying so hard. You know the quote ” Build it and they will come”…. mkp’s quote ” Write it and they will read.” 🙂


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