I Need This

Hi, all.

It’s been awhile, of course. I thank you for returning.

Even with all of the extra responsibilities at school with being class co-sponsor, I’ve still managed to make the time to read a book a week and get my first novel revamped for a new round of reads. Now, for those who have traveled with me for more than 10 years, you know the frustration I’ve experienced with this book. But I had to dive back in. I had to refresh it and just get it back out there.

I’m doing that with all of my writing, and that’s what brings me back here.

I need this. I can’t abandon my blog writing anymore than I can abandon breathing. There are several “non-negotiables” in my effort to achieve a healthy balance, and writing here is one of them.

I also need to build a community of readers and writers. If you stop by, tell me where you are writing these days, and I’ll be sure to stop by frequently, and with comments.

For those of you who have stuck with me, during all the trials and tribs, I thank you.

Onward, now. This is the fun stuff, sweetheart. This is where it really begins to get interesting…

One comment on “I Need This

  1. cara says:

    So great to see you posting! I live vicariously through you. :-))


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