If Shakespeare Could Do It…

Epiphanies are wonderful things. . .

I usually experience them in the strangest of places–red lights, waiting in a grocery checkout lane. No surprise, really. These are times and places where stillness exists. Our brains are so overworked with hectic schedules, multi-tasking, and worries over the economy and other such troubles, we rarely have time (or find the energy to make it) to still the waters and give the mind a rest.

Funny how we need to find time or energy to slow down or stop the very things that deprive us of these two precious commodities.

Anyway, I had this epiphany about not staying in one genre of writing. Money, for the last 50 years, has driven this demand–if not outright requirement–that writers stick to one genre, one field. It just takes too much energy (there’s that word again) and money to market a writer to multiple audiences.

In one sense, I’m happy to see so many artists marketing their name first and their product second. Christine Kane is a great example of a musician who is now reaching many thousands of individuals in several innovative and inspiring ways.

Bill Shakespeare did this too, didn’t he? A writer of tragedies and comedies and histories and poems. . . .

Not that I’m saying any of us is like Bill. But if he could do it then, and if folks like Christine Kane are finding ways to do it now, we all need to have faith in ourselves that we can do it, too.

Don’t let Marketing tactics restrict you from living your life fully. Nobody or no thing should dictate how we direct and share our creative energies to improve our community and make our mark.

Just do it….like Shakespeare!

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