morning ride on the NCR

We began our ride late this morning, relatively speaking. By the time we arrived at Monkton station at 7:15, the temperature was 71 degrees, and the small parking lot was filled with riders and joggers’ cars–most of them were at least a mile or two along in their journey. T and I ended up parking on Matthews Road, about 2 blocks from the trail.

Once on the trail, it didn’t take long for the urban stresses to dissipate and the natural sounds of the Gunpowder and its rushes to relax me? The mile markers fell away easily, and before we knew it, we had stopped nearly halfway to take a few pictures.

The ride back always goes a little faster, as there is the gentlest of slopes heading northbound (still, that last mile and a half does tend to drag). T is in much better shape, and her normal run on the NCR is 20 miles. Twelve is just fine for me right now… 🙂

We got back to our cars a little after 9 am, and the temperature was already pushing 77 degrees. The humidity had worsened as well…a typical summer morn in Maryland.

What a great ride this would be three, four times a week. Something to consider when school wraps up!

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