2011/365/006: No Respect

I tell ya. I get no respect around here.

Probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed since getting the Bug is the lack of respect I’m given by other drivers. When I was in the Jeep, few people ever cut me off, pulled in front of me, or challenged me in any way. I think that, probably, one of the reasons was because the would-be offensive driver could not see around the Jeep and didn’t want to take the chance of what might be on the other side of me.

I never realized that being in the Jeep made me a defensive driver by default. In the Bug, I’m a personal invitation to be bullied.

My mother handled this well, way back in the seventies (not that she drove a Beetle, but I bet secretly she wished she did). If somebody honked a horn at her at a red light, she’d throw the car in park, get out, set up her compact mirror on the top of the car, and begin applying lipstick–liberally but with great precision (of course, road rage was a little different back then; the offended driver would zip by, shouting a few obscene words before driving off).


This is changing everything about the way I drive. I have to anticipate rudeness. I have to be ultra-defensive in the most offensive manner possible.

And the worst part about it? I can’t even wave to anybody and give the cool Jeep nod when we pass on the road.

Where’s the solidarity, folks?

Yeah. I’m making a decision (and all you bullies out there–you can’t stop me–so there). I am going to be ultra nice, waving and peace-signing all over the place, doing my best to discourage your rudeness and give ya a little V-Dub Love whenever I can.

So if you see a little black Bug out there with a furry guy inside acting all crazy, waving and smiling and peace-signing you like a madman, you know who you are up against.

And if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll peace me back and then pass it along. 🙂

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