2011/365/008: Three Minutes

There will be posts like these, on occasion. It’s 10:04 p.m., and let me give you Three Minutes’ worth of thoughts:

I’m loving my scanner, but it’s scary to hear some of the things that the police are dispatched for, such as “Individual is driving a Jaguar while on the cell phone and has a boy around 10 years old steering from the front seat while he drives.”

Here’s another one: “Woman in a red Hyundai is at the traffic light in the left lane. She reports that the light has not given her a green turn signal in three cycles, but she is afraid that she will have her photo taken by the red-light cameras if she breaks the law. Subject also advises that she fears for her life from the individuals behind her who want her to turn.”

But then, there’s the serious calls: The shootings, the assaults, the robberies, the breaking-and-enterings… Right here in my own community.

There’s a danger, I think, in knowing too much sometimes.

10:07. Time for me to call it a night. Looking forward to writing a little more freely tomorrow! g’night, all! 🙂

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