2011/365/027: Snow Day

(all photos by rus vanwestervelt)

I’m posting a little early today, as I know my evening is going to be filled with final 2nd-quarter grading (certain we’ll have school tomorrow…). I also have some last-minute planning to do for our “big meeting” in Journalism regarding our strategic shift for the second term.

We’ll save all that for another time, though. 🙂

We’ve spent all day outside, shoveling snow, building snowball forts, and helping out the neighbors who are feeling a little under the weather (no pun intended). We were all struck, though, by the beauty of this snow. The pictures above and directly below are of a neighbor’s trees. I cropped out all the broken branches from the heavy snow.

Why is it that, the day after a heavy snow, the skies are always so brilliantly blue? Nearly all of the photos I’ve taken over the last few years of post-snows are set with a beautiful azure sky in the background. . . .A photographer’s winter dream.

The next two photos are of our street, going north and south, respectively. One of the reasons why I love living in Campus Hills is because it is so Mayberry-ish at times. And when it snows, I feel like running through the streets, waving hi to all the neighbors, and screaming how wonderful life really is… 🙂

After shoveling, I decided to take a little drive around Towson to see how the roads were (they are in great shape, which is why I’m certain we’ll be going in to school tomorrow, probably with a 2-hour delay). I drove through Goucher College, my alma mater, and I was mesmerized by how nostalgic the campus looked. When I saw the chapel, I couldn’t resist taking a photo. I think it captures the timeless beauty of the campus, and the solid reputation Goucher has had since the 1930s.

As you can see, the blue skies didn’t last long. That’s ok, though. We’re all grateful for the time off, and I love how our small community always comes together and helps each other out. I know that I teach in America’s greatest town (Ellicott City), but on days like this, I feel like Towson has to be a close, close second. 🙂

2 thoughts on “2011/365/027: Snow Day

  1. Janet–Don’t you have about 10x more snow up there? I was watching The Weather Channel this morning, and they said that you’ve been hit with over 100 inches of snow this winter already!


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