2011/365/033: In the Wednesday Fast Lane

Straight post here. My Ed301 class at Towson U began tonight. Several important things to note:

1. I love teaching this course.

2. This semester’s group is, like so many of my other groups, outstanding.

3. Put those two together, and Wednesday nights are nothing short of dream teaching.

But they are also draining, going nonstop from 4:50 in the morning until the kids go to bed around 9 p.m. Now there’s dinner to prepare, and time to wind down.

Not much time to post meaningful pieces about the weather, my childhood, or living in the NOW.

Or maybe those things don’t need so much time, on occasion. They’re still with me, in me, and I take great comfort in knowing that, regardless of how exhausted I may be, I don’t necessarily need writing to authenticate or legitimize the things that keep me focused, happy, and inspired.

I will probably restructure my mid-week routine so that I won’t have to post Wednesday evenings…That way, the fatigue won’t effect my words to all of you, and it won’t make me have to ramble on about rambling on every Wednesday evening.


Here’s to all of you, and to us, and to this moment…have a great night. ❤

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