2011/365/034: Interact

I’ve been quite fortunate today, as I have had several strong, healthy conversations with friends and colleagues, and between those words shared, I’ve peppered in a good number of lighter discussions that have been both fun and inspiring.

This takes me down a slightly dangerous road, but I’m going to make the point anyway. Despite my somewhat frequent lapses in getting back to some friends via email or in person (which I’ve been working on like crazy–and today’s a fine a day as any to prove that!), I don’t think anyone can argue with the observation that experience breeds opportunities to establish and build relationships.

Interact gets you in the act. No doubt about it.

Last night, I had a fantastic first class with my students at Towson U. Now, a lot of that is simply this: they’re a good group of individuals who already like to interact. But the way in which I am restructuring my class (thanks in large part to my Fall ’10 group, who recommended there be more discussion time), I think the fact that I am building in time to talk, share, discuss, and interact is simply critical to the success of the relationships they may build long after they leave my classroom. Let’s face it. You can’t get experience if you don’t first open some doors for others to know that you are ready to interact….

What doors might you open tomorrow to ignite an experience?

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