2011/365/036: Gnomes and Sleepovers

Short and sweet. I got six girls over for a sleepover with Holland. Need I say more?

Saw Gnomeo and Juliet today at the prescreening event at Arundel Mills. Look, I don’t get out too often to catch a movie, but when I do, it doesn’t take much for me to like it. This movie, though, was filled with Shakespeare allusions, and the soundtrack (plenty of Elton John songs) was fantastic (especially a duet that he did with Lady Gaga on “Hello Hello.” For some reason, though, that version did not end up on the CD release, and I can’t even get it through iTunes. It sounds really good in the movie…At first, I thought it was Stevie Nicks singing with him–so surprised to see it was Lady Gaga…

Here’s the point. The movie worked on so many levels because it took into account the likely audience. It was a great G-rated flick for the kids, but there was plenty there for parents who grew up with Elton John or who knew a play or two by Shakespeare. It’s the kind of movie that, when you watch the second, third, and fourth times, you’ll still be picking up subtle jokes and references to the great playwright.

Audience. No matter what you do, why you’re doing it, or even how–keep your audience in mind, and if you are able to think about what they need, chances are you’ll be able to deliver a home run.

Elton John/David Furnish and Starz Entertainment/Touchstones Pictures did just that. I hope you find the chance to see it when it comes out in the theaters February 11.

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