2011/365/042: Hang In There, Friends

Photo: http://hamptonrdsvop.wordpress.com/

Folks, I’m not really sure if there’s a surge in unhappiness and unrest around me, or if God is sharpening my sensitivity to the hurt and pain in this world. Lately, though (and I mean in just the last few weeks), many of my friends and people I love are struggling with life. They’re unhappy in their relationships, with themselves, with their jobs, or just with life itself.

To all of you, I share these all-important words: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The pain and sadness you feel is shared with so many others who are doing their absolute best to find their way in this life, just like you. For that reason alone, we must have faith in our ability to embrace each other humbly, support each other’s struggles to get us through to the other side, and love and believe in others unconditionally.

Sometimes, it’s just a lot easier to let others love you, to know that you are not being deceitful or mean toward them (or them toward you), and to believe that these tough times will indeed pass, and we can help each other move through our struggles a lot quicker with that support.

Hang in there, friends. Give it up to your higher power and trust. Believe. Love.

We’re all there for you, as you are there for us. Let’s do our best not to forget that. ❤

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