2011/365/056: You Are Amazing

this amazing photo was taken by: Francesca Birini

This Friday, I salute the following top ten people who I believe are simply amazing. Thank you for enriching my life in the past week.

1, 2, and 3. The Wingspan editors (Alison, Sarah, and Heather) who stayed hours beyond anyone could have ever expected to finish and upload their school newspaper. Yes–it was a team effort through and through for this issue, but these three refused to quit despite every possible obstacle placed before them. You are truly amazing. (Kevin–I know you would have been there too if you didn’t have to work!)

4, 5, and 6. My children Holland, Madelyn, and Braeden. Holland is competing tonight in Pennsylvania at a gymnastics competition. She spends 15-20 hours a week at the gym practicing for these meets, and it’s so easy to forget how intense her schedule is and how magically she manages it all. Madelyn is at the farm, feeling the sadness with the loss of one of her absolutely favorite horses, Hammerin’ Hank, who died yesterday. Hank was supposed to be with her for Finale on Sunday, and now her final show of the season–an event that was supposed to be celebratory in every way–will carry a heavy sadness with her in the ring. It’s moments like these that I am reminded of her deep sensitivity and care for these horses. I’ve known only one other person like her in my life, and she, too, was amazing with these beautiful animals. Braeden is hanging out with me tonight, building new Lego’s, and we’re just enjoying the time together (I have been sequestered while he finishes the Police Jail on Wheels…). He’s got such a passion for building things–anything–and he and I love our time together. He’s funny, witty, and yes: Amazing.

7. and 8. Kathryn and Corey, two of my colleagues whom I am also proud to call my friends. It seems like we’ve all been on some bumpy roads these past few weeks, but there’s been something truly amazing about how we’ve all worked through it. Today, as we each touched base with each other, I felt that companionship, that trust, that respect, that friendship that is simply indescribable. It’s a mutual understanding, an agreement of sorts, and I would never do anything to break that with either of them.

9. David, my new guitar instructor, who taught me more in 45 minutes than I had learned in the last 30 years. He’s passionate about playing, and he takes his theory as seriously as he takes his music. I’m extremely fortunate to have stumbled upon him and grateful that he had time in his schedule for me. He’s an amazing musician, and I look forward to being his student for years to come.

10. Amy, my wife. She is amazing in so many ways that I cannot even begin to list them here. She pursues her own personal goals with running and fitness, is an incredible mother to our three children, and is funny, witty, and sensitive all at the same time. When she learned today that Hank had died, she really focused on what Madelyn was going to need to help her understand this loss and get her through so that she could keep her focus for Finale. She is the greatest multi-tasker I’ve ever met, and I love her dearly.

Here’s to ALL of you amazing Faithful Readers. Thanks for stopping by again and again!

4 thoughts on “2011/365/056: You Are Amazing

  1. Wow Rus! Everyone on that list should feel honored to have you in their lives. Someone that appreciates them for who they are and thinks about how who they are enriches your life! Very special, I loved reading it! It made me think of who would be on my top ten list! Hard to narrow it down! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Aw, thanks, Mary Beth…I’m glad that it made you think about your own top ten…And you are so right–It is hard to narrow it down. From this week alone, I was blessed to see many alums, most recently one who stopped in this afternoon. I hadn’t seen her for six years, and now she’s all grown up talking about marriage and living halfway across the globe…
    Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment…means the world to me!


  3. wow, another winner in the vdub collection. maybe you should think about working on a book of short stories vs. struggling and worrying yourself over the novel. the way in which you express your love and gratitude towards others in your life is not only sweet and so very special to those you speak of, but you are just a gifted man who knows the power of words. you forgot one amazing person in your life though (LOL no, not me) … you forgot to include yourself. you are in the center of the top 10 people you mentioned and they all encircled you. dont sell yourself short or be humbled to a point that you dont realize your own existence and the amazing things you do. to 1,2,3: they had to have an adult patiently standing by them as they completed the paper–that was you. 4, 5, 6: where do you think they learned all that they are? not just the talants of spring vaults and committment, dressage and prancing, or the dexterity and imagination but the love, compassion, the humor and the sensitivities? that is you. 7,8: friends and collegues.. the three muskateers at work… it takes a third person to become a trio… that is you. 9. music instructor using his talents and passion to teach someone who is willing to learn and someone who loves and appreciates the same thing? that requires a student…that is you. and then there is number 10- your wife, friend, partner, soulmate- in order for her to be who she is, to express herself and to find passion in things that makes her an indivdual as well as a ying to a yang? it takes an equal half to complete her, who supports her and encourages her, apreciates her and loves her… that would be you!


  4. My goodness, Michele, I don’t know what to say but thank you. Your own words are so very kind. I can’t wait to see you and the others again soon to celebrate our own friendship! ❤


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