2011/365/064: Meditations by William Ackerman

Diet, weight loss, exercise, lifestyle change–however you want to look at it, I need good music to keep me focused along the journey. And to be honest, that’s been a bit hard to do lately, simply because I haven’t been able to find anything old that really moves me like I need it to. All the stuff I have has other memories associated with it, and if I used it for weight loss or exercise before, chances are I’ve assigned a negative memory to it.

I know. Get over it, it’s in the past, it’s just a song, blah blah blah. But I can’t. I like to hold on to things a lit-tle bit too long…So when I play the music that used to get me pumped, focused, in the right mindset, all I can really think about is how I didn’t succeed the last time I played those now-dumb songs.


So I went on to the iTunes Store to see if any of my old standbys had anything new that I didn’t know about. Lo and behold, I found exactly what I was looking for. On Christmas Eve, 2010, iTunes added Will Ackerman’s CD, Meditations, to its collection. The CD was released in 2008, and I don’t know what took it so long to show up on iTunes, but I downloaded it immediately.

I have been listening to Will Ackerman (the founder of the Windham Hill label) since 1981, when he released Passage. He has a distinct sound as a solo guitarist, a haunting, soulful approach to music that really is transcending. I own most of his works, and nearly all of his pieces are both thought-provoking and spiritual.

This 14-track CD includes 7 pieces previously released, such as “The Bricklayer’s Daughter,” “The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit,” and “Hawk Circle.” But don’t let that stop you from getting this CD. He has reworked these pieces with both great wisdom and contemplation, and they each represent a deeper interpretation of the songs I thought could not get any better.

Humbly, I tell you that I was wrong.

Ackerman’s Meditations captures the spiritual focus I’ve been looking for to get me through these first few days/weeks of this new journey. And, as I am learning to play the guitar myself, I find it doubly rewarding that I can enjoy his music and have a growing appreciation for his style as a musician.

Check it out on iTunes. I recommend Ackerman’s music, especially this collection, for anybody who is in need of some music to accompany their meditation or relaxation.


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