2011/365/080: I Believe In You

I believe in you.

I know that, at times, the journey seems so long and so difficult that the very thought of taking just one more step seems, well, impossible. You struggle with what lies ahead of you as much as with what remains behind you. You look in all directions, but there seems to be no way out.

But I believe in you.

Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s friendships or relationships, maybe it’s the passing of a loved one. Or maybe it’s just because. There are times when we don’t need to pin our struggles on this one thing or that particular event. Darkness finds us. Sometimes it descends slowly, while other times it seems to pounce on us so unexpectedly that we are paralyzed with fear.

It doesn’t matter. I will always believe in you.

From time to time, our hardships accumulate like little weights, tugging at us, slowing us down, putting us behind others and our commitments or responsibilities. And because it is so slow and so gradual, we don’t even realize it until we’re wondering what has happened to us. How did we get here. How in the world will we ever get out.

At these times, when there is great despair or seemingly a loss of hope or faith, know that you are not alone. Know that you are loved. Know that your life matters.

Know that I believe in you.

Sometimes, when we’ve been immersed in tough times, we feel like we are sinking, unable to muster the strength to resurface and fill our lungs with chi, energy, life. But in those times, all it takes is a little tilt this way, a glide that way, and a gradual shift in our movement that brings the light back into sight. We see the promise of that new day, of possibility, and we know that it will take less energy to lift our eyes in a new direction and experience the love that awaits.

Love and faith and hope. Beautiful possibilities for you because you exist. Because you are loved.

Because I believe in you.

Do not worry. Let the sorrow come, and let the sorrow go, and know deep in your heart that we never left your side. We will be there when you resurface. We will be there when you fill your lungs with love. We will be there when you open your eyes into the bright, bright light.

We will be there simply because we believe in you.

And we always, always will.


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