2011/365/083: Tough Days

These are tough days.

My classes at school are challenging me in ways that I’ve never been challenged before. I have two incredibly talented production teams that are learning a great deal about real-world issues with money, marketing, and publishing. My English class is toying with writing that I want to showcase on a national level as they work on developing multi-voice creative nonfiction works performed in a reader’s theater structure.  That’s all good, though–just tough.

My exercise/diet program that I started on March 4th is kicking my butt every single day. I’m reaching the first transition, though, where I am feeling a real change in my weight, my health, and the way I carry myself. It’s also making me think more lucidly, and I am sleeping better at night. It’s tough physically, but it is good.

My time is being reprioritized to helping Amy cook our dinners at home, to writing pieces targeted for publication, to working out on a daily basis, and to spending more time with our children. That means less time for some other things that have been important in my life. The reprioritization has been tough, but necessary and good.

My entertainment time has been shifted dramatically, away from the television (we killed cable three weeks ago, away from satellite radio (we killed Sirius in January), and away from talk radio (thank goodness). My music and entertainment choices are done carefully now, with purpose, and they are fostering a more creative and productive life that is both positive and contributing to the larger community. The shift away from mainstream entertainment has forced me and our entire family to miss out on the mass-public discussions of tv shows and other pop media, which has been tough–but it has brought us closer together as a family, and that is good.

These are tough days, and I am grateful for what good is coming from such changes and challenges. My faith is strong that we can continue along this journey, living a better life, choosing to face the things that distract us from balanced living and strike them from our routines and lifestyles. I know the road is long, and variations of “tough” will really test me. But for this moment, this time in my life, I feel confident as I take that step forward, toward that new challenge that awaits me.


One thought on “2011/365/083: Tough Days

  1. Interested to see how the removal of cable went with your children? I have 3 ages 13, 9 and 7 and I wonder how they would react. Are your kids heavy into tv? Mine really aren’t they are more in to the computer and iPods. As for me, most of my tv watching is sports. I hate listening to the radio anymore and so I prefer my iPod on my 40 minute commutes. I got rid of XM about 4 years ago as it was a nice to have but not need to have. I missed it from the perspective that it gave me a chance to listen and then buy music I might never have heard before, but I have Pandora and iTunes radio which I listen to during my work day to help out with that. I still have cable and will probably never get rid of it as I am a huge Philly sports fan but I do find mysfelf prioritizing what I watch and avoid mindlessly flicking channesl when nothing is on. I have been reading more and once my battle with gout (in its 4th week) is over I will get back to the gym. I am rambling, since these are areas that I am changing myself, but anywho, good luck with your changes. I enjoy your blog as it, evidenced here, has me pause and think. So thank you!


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