2011/365/088: Walkin’ Man

There’s a quote by Henry David Thoreau that has been in my head these past few days (actually, there’s been a lot of his words with me lately). Thoreau wrote, “Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

In my younger years, I had experienced this transcendence on several occasions, mostly when I was hiking along the Appalachian Trail or spending time in Assateague. Lately, I’ve begun to experience that same transcendence (well, shades of it, anyway), where my walks around Towson are shifting from a tough exercise to a mindful saunter.

I think the key to Thoreau’s quote lies first in the word, “pursue.” We all know how tough any walk can be, either literal or figurative, when we resist or even fight what we are trying to do. Too often, we are fighting against ourselves, and this can be a dangerous thing when we have no line of defense to fight it.

Enter the second part of Thoreau’s quote, where he suggests we walk “with love and reverence.” These two defenses will pull you through any resistance or fight, as long as they are genuine and authentic. If the walk is in good faith, then love and reverence will pull you through every single time.

I struggle with this every day, especially now that I am fully immersed in this diet/exercise transformation. It is almost as if a part of me is afraid of the success I am beginning to experience, and it is doing its best to lure me away from all that is healthy, good, and right.

I will keep Love and Reverence close to me at all times along this path I pursue, and I know that great things are possible with such focus. Yes–It is a very narrow path, and there are unexpected twists and turns that tempt and test me along the way, but the steps I take are genuine.

May you find your path or keep walkin’ along at your natural pace, and enjoy the enlightenment that each step may bring you!


One thought on “2011/365/088: Walkin’ Man

  1. Of course scholars have written and spoken for years on the reasons why Jesus walked..and walked..and walked. It’s like journaling for the whole body.


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