2011/365/090: Three Months

Well, it’s been three months since I started blogging daily here, and I’ve been pretty surprised at the discoveries I’ve made along the way.

First, writing daily really does contribute to living a more balanced life. In addition to the 500 or so words I’ve been writing here every day, I write my “morning pages” when I wake up. These cleanse the residual emotions from the previous day and give me a clean slate to begin anew. This constant writing has made a huge difference in providing clarity in my thinking and sharpening my focus on what’s most important to me.

Second, I have tried various approaches to the daily blog post, mixing it up with features on certain days every now and then. And, I’ve tried my best to not string together a series of deep or somewhat somber posts. In thinking of this site as a daily column (at times), I want my readers to keep coming back wondering what might be the topic du jour.

Third, writing daily has really helped me understand what’s most important in my life, simply because I have had to face certain subjects head-on. I have not been able to avoid the tough things, like the death of a firefighter or the ever-mounting struggles I see my students facing every day. By writing about these events when the emotions are still strong within me, I have no choice but to make some decisions about how I feel about them and what I might do with those emotions.

I have no plans on halting the daily posts. They may change in format as we approach the summer months, but that’s all part of writing authentically–it’s a constant evolution and discovery that is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

Thanks for following along, folks, and dropping a comment or two along the way. Here’s to the next three months, and all that they may bring…

as always……………..rvw

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