2011/365/091: Busy as a. . . .

photo: rus vanwestervelt

. . . .full-time writer. (what–did you think I was going to say….Bee?)

I had a great conversation today with a good friend and fellow writer, Corey. In just the two hours or so that we talked about the art and craft of writing, I realized that I have to move some stuff off the shelf and get it out there. Now.

I’ve got two complete novels written and polished, and a third that I am in the middle of drafting. I’ve “published” some of my shorter pieces online on this website, but the majority of my polished work remains uncirculated.

I’m done making excuses or complaining that I don’t have the time. I’m getting these works out there so I can move on to new projects.

Stay tuned. This is a topic that I am going to be blogging about a great deal in the next few weeks.


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