2011/365/092: Writing Progress

Yesterday, after meeting with a fellow writer, I made the decision to just push through with Cold Rock and write/edit until it is done. Today, despite the various needs with the family (and working out this morning, which I was pleased that I did not compromise my health to write more), I was able to edit 87 pages (thus far), with at least another hour or so tonight to dedicate to the manuscript. My goal is to get up a little after 4 a.m. on Sunday and focus on the climax of the story, which needs the most work.

Here’s what I take from today: Sometimes, you just have to stop the talking and the thinking and dive in. Put yourself in front of the words and just work. Revise, Write, Rewrite, and Write some more.

Just keep working. Make it a priority. Schedule the time.

I’m done with excuses.

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