2011/365/093: Final Edits for Cold Rock Completed


I just finished editing Cold Rock, which is 51,000 words (I know–it’s a short book; my other book is 103,000 words, and my newest manuscript is on track to be longer than both of my first two books combined). I feel like I always do in such writing marathons, like I’ve been to some other world and back….There’s no other feeling quite like it.

Here’s the situation, though…

This blog used to be called “A Tale of Two Writers.” I called it that because my writing runs on two levels for two entirely different audiences. A part of me is the horror/terror/psychological thriller writer; the other part of me is the inspirational, spiritual writer.

Cold Rock is, unfortunately, a little of both.

I think the book will be successful in its own right, but it certainly doesn’t fill either niche completely, which may be a problem for some readers.

I understand that, and I am willing to accept that criticism from some of my readers (my God, I hope not all!). I think the story works, though, with the mingling of these two writers.

My other two books, Night Terrors and A Love’s Refrain, don’t suffer from this multi-writer dilemma. Night Terrors is pure terror, and A Love’s Refrain is pure love story (ok, maybe a little bit of terror thrown in, but nothing too contradictory).

I have distributed copies to my core readers and, based on their feedback, will make the final edits by the end of April. Cold Rock will go into production in May, and I will launch the book officially in June.

I thank all of you who have supported me in ways that you probably don’t even know. It will be a very happy day for me to finally get this book off of my shelf and (hopefully) on to yours. It has been a project that has taught me more about myself as a writer than I could have ever imagined. Writing and revising (and soon publishing) Cold Rock is making me a stronger writer for A Love’s Refrain, which I believe will be my best work to date.


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