Dear Haters: It’s Time to Recycle Your Energy

There certainly is a lot of hate in this world.

At least, that’s what I’ve noticed on the online forums at,, and (of course), Facebook and Twitter.

As a teacher, I see it every day. Teens use social networking to bully, spew hatred, incite hating trends, and generally unleash a barrage of negative, hateful comments about nearly every topic.

As an individual tied to no affiliations, I see the hatred all over the place — on the road, in the stores, and — like their own children on Facebook and Twitter — online.

Why? Has it always been this way, and now the haters finally have a forum to throw down their anger, their frustration, their bitterness toward gays, entertainers, politicians, athletes, neighbors, and strangers?

Or is this a new phenomenon created by social media and our 21st-century give-me-now mentality that seems to govern nearly every aspect of the way we live?

And, are we all just a bunch of complainers? Or are we looking for real resolution?

I imagine that, if resolution was what we were seeking, we wouldn’t waste our energy on spewing so much hatred, would we?

No. I think this is more a matter of convenience and feeling “safe” behind our keyboards to be hateful. And if that’s the case, why do we gravitate toward the hatred and not redirect that energy into something constructive, if not positive?

If you are against same-sex marriages, then contribute your evidence-based and constructive argument to further your position. If you think that Whitney Houston is getting too much air time with her passing, create a site that recognizes fallen soldiers and let us know through FB every time there is, sadly, an update.

Please, your hatred does nothing for any of us. I care about your positions, your concerns, your ideas, but I do not gain anything from reading your slams and hateful comments. State your position, with authority and confidence, and maybe you will begin to effect the change in our system you seek.

One thought on “Dear Haters: It’s Time to Recycle Your Energy

  1. Excellent so very true! Was talking to a close friend about this just days ago … I just can’t recall a time when there was so much discord and polarization in every vein. I read some posts last night about civil union and yep the only conclusion I could arrive at was such hatred for those that are what? Unlike you the writer of such statements. We seem to be really far from peace, love and acceptance and the older I get that is all I want … Live and let live!


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