Are You Ready to Publish That Best Practice?

This Summer, I will be teaching another graduate writing course at Towson University.

The beauty of this course? It’s online, and it’s all about you.

The Maryland Writing Project (MWP), which has been recognized as an exemplary site by the National Writing Project in Berkeley, CA, enters its 31st year providing writing instruction and its strategic implementation to teachers and schools across the state. Just last week, the National Writing Project was awarded $24.6 million in grants to support teacher and principal development.

This year, in lieu of its Invitational Summer Institute, MWP will be running three graduate writing courses.

Each of these three courses addresses many of the Common Core State Standards on writing, assessment, and publication (you can download the complete Standards document Here: CCSSI_ELA_Standards).

My course focuses specifically on publishing your best teaching practices, creating a strong argument for or against a relevant topic in education, or conducting quantitative and qualitative data research from the classroom. By the conclusion of our session, you will have submitted your work for publication in a regional or national journal!

The three courses are as follows:

SCED 670. Getting Published: Polishing Your Best Practices and Putting Them in Print (I will be teaching this course online in the first session, which runs from May 29 to June 29).

SCED 603. Writing Across the Curriculum: Teaching Writing Using Web 2.0 Tools (taught in the first session as a hybrid course by Tina Dushel and Katie Profili, Wednesdays 4–6 p.m., and one additional day online).

EDUC 667. Writing As Assessment: Sharpening Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Across the Grade Levels (taught in the third session and on campus by Joan Woytowitz, MWTh 11 a.m.–1:40 p.m., July 2nd to August 3).

For more information about these courses, the academic calendar, and the instructions for registering, go Here: Flyer_Graduate_Sum_2012_sched_reg_info-1.

For more information about the Registration and Billing Schedule, click HERE.

For more information about Graduate Admissions for Non-Degree Enrollment, click HERE.

If you have ANY questions at all about my course, please feel free to email me directly at

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