A Special Appeal To My Readers

To all of my followers and readers, I have a special request. This one comes from a very personal spot in my heart that I share with my sister Cindy, who has been battling cancer since 1990.

Her husband and my brother-in-law, Rob Harris, has written a book about his 20+ years as her caregiver, and it is soon to be released. Below is the link to receive a sneak peek at the opening chapters of the book, and to receive exclusive updates and information about the release of the print and digital versions of the book.

But first, I want to tell you a little about each of them.

My sister Cindy is one of those few people in the world who, despite every challenging trial and tribulation that she has had thrown at her these last two decades, is always with an energetic smile, a love for life, and a belief in living in the present. Six years my elder, she has been that ideal role model that few siblings ever have. In all things dealing with life, love, courage, and faith, she is my rock.

Her husband, Rob, has done a magnificent job caring for her all these years because, well, he is just as special. But he is also brutally honest, and in his book, he has the courage to share with the world his own challenges and struggles that he faced while caring for Cindy.

In other words, he has written a very humbling, yet uplifting book about the love they have shared, the struggles they have faced, and the knowledge they have gained along the way. He offers 70 “Caregiver Tips” that provide practical guidance to help those who are also caregiving, regardless if it is for a spouse, friend, family member, or loved one. As well, these Caregiver Tips are not exclusive to helping patients battling cancer; they are generic enough so that any caregiver can benefit from them.

Even if you are not a caregiver, this love story is a must-read for you and for others. It is also a good gift for others you may know who find themselves in the caregiving role.  Simply put, it’s a book for everyone – now and for many generations to come.

Here is the link to sign up for the free excerpt and the updates for his book release:


Rob has a very active website for caregivers, robcares.com, and I recommend you stop there after you’ve signed up to receive your free excerpt. His weekly blog posts are informative, and he has dozens, if not hundreds, of caregiving resources available on his various pages.

I am so grateful Rob has shared his experiences with all of us. I hope you take a moment to download the excerpt and read their story. In all ways, I am very grateful.

My best to you,


One thought on “A Special Appeal To My Readers

  1. Can I just say that I am blessed with a family full of love, caring, and dedication to helping others! I love all of you, each and everyone of you is especially important and what makes our family the best!

    Let me be the second to say, for those who need uplifting during a difficult diagnosis, those who provide care to others in their jobs, or to their loved ones,, please read the excerpt at the link above and then find yourself immersed in the truly inspiring love story of two people who struggle with the ups and downs of dealing with a difficult diagnosis.

    Much love and big hugs ❤


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