Keeping Connections Through Letters and Art

Earlier today, I wrote and published the following creativity prompt on our CCAI and Smash365 websites:

Today’s Free Creativity Prompt:

I have several friends who have created or participated in mail projects that have been both artistic and inspiring. Some of these projects are Laura Shovan’s Poetry Postcard Project, Mary Cartledgehayes’ MailArt Project, as well as Post Secret and Geist. The one thing that these projects have in common is using writing and art to share a deeper and more genuine part of who we really are. It seems like most of the writing we do in social media is more immediate, somewhat superficial, and emotion-based.

This is different. These are notes and letters crafted with a deeper meaning, purpose, and intent.

Consider all of the different ways we send positive messages to others: facial expressions, body language, even gestures. What if we shared positive messages with notes and words, and then followed those words with genuine actions?

After watching this wonderful short film and visiting some of the sites I’ve linked to above, write or create a positive note or message to someone, and send it along. Paper is best — the gift of a handwritten or drawn letter is far too rare these days.

Then, follow up with another note or, if possible, a phone call or even a visit. Your air mail could go a long way and really make a difference in the lives of others.

(If you cannot see the embedded video above, please click on the following link: Paperman.)

I have always been in love with letter writing. Last year, when I found a few extra notecards in my writing space at home, I enjoyed several short letter-writing campaigns with others around the world. They were wonderful, and I will resume writing them in the next few weeks.

I can’t say enough about the power of the creative note sent to another person. The lives of both the writer and the reader are enriched with a deeper touch that social media just cannot provide. It’s that one-to-one direct connection that reminds us all: there is something bigger here inside and around all of us.

Beginning Our Own Creative Correspondence

I would love to begin or resume a creative correspondence with you. My address is Rus VanWestervelt, P.O. Box 9738, Baltimore, MD 21284.

If you are looking for something to write about or create in your note, we can always begin with this (anonymously or signed):

What is your greatest wish for you, for others, for this world? 

If you supply a return address, I will write back. Let’s keep connected through letters and art, all. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give one another.


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