Faith In A Writer’s Life

1236730_10153202655825564_1896074606_nWhat does it mean to have full faith in something? To let go freely and unconditionally?

Many religious and spiritual beliefs ask for this: Trust in God, Trust in The Way, Trust in The Higher Spirit.

Let Go and Let God…

The one constant in all of them is the concept of surrender, something that is very hard for many of us to do.

To surrender to anything is a great risk, isn’t it? We have created this notion that surrendering means giving up, even failing. In battle, when one side surrenders, they are giving in, giving up, and relinquishing all of their weapons and, in most cases, their land.

How can that be a good thing?

It isn’t a far leap to see the parallels here. In our own personal lives, we are very territorial about our things and our possessions. We hold firmly to our egos and continue to believe that we always know what is right.

How do we really know what is right, though? Aren’t we making this up as we go along, based on previous experiences?

This is where I am right now: studying those previous experiences and looking at the things and the possessions that I have been harboring, all for the sake of trying to control some kind of destiny that I believe I need to make happen.

For what, though? Money? Fame? “Success”?

My experiences have taught me that manipulating my writing or my teaching to accomplish any of these things is a fool’s game. My efforts have all been made with idealistic expectations of what is possible.

Always my blessing and my curse: the ability to see what is possible in all things is a beautiful thing, until I start to have expectations of outcomes.

That’s when everything begins to fall apart.

That’s why it’s time to surrender fully. To relinquish my possessions and stop trying to make things happen.

It’s time to have faith in a writer’s life.

I surrender the push to have others read, the marketing push on social media, the desire for “likes” and “shares.”

I surrender fully and trust unconditionally the one thing I know I am meant to offer: my writing.

So what that means around here is less preach, less teach, and less sell. I’m going to be writing daily about whatever hits me, and I will see what comes of it. I’ve stripped away the glitz and pizazz of my site to keep the focus on my writing.

I surrender fully, and we will see how it evolves over time. I invite you to stick around and be a part of this evolution. Comment on what I’m writing if you like, or just sit back, read while sipping your favorite beverage, and move on to your next virtual stop.

I am very grateful for you, Reader. Thanks for having a little faith in this writer — just another guy who is trying to find his way along the path.


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