What If…


photo: resonancewithlife.com

What if…

…You took 10 minutes today and took out a sheet of paper and wrote a note to a friend?

And what if you took another 5 minutes to put that note in an envelope and mail it to that friend?

What if…

…You did not interrupt a friend who had something to say?

And what if you gave them your eyes for 3 minutes while they talked, just to let them know you were really listening, and that for these few minutes, nothing else in the world mattered but them?

What if…

…You didn’t answer that text, or message,  or phone call, when you were with a friend?

And what if you took just 15 seconds and turned your phone off entirely, so there wasn’t even any interruption at all?

What if…

…You waited just 10 seconds before you responded to someone who is upset?

And what if you made the decision in those 10 seconds not to take anything personally?

What if…

…You smiled and acknowledged someone when you passed each other in a hallway or on a street?

And what if you took another 3 seconds to say hi?

What if…

…You offered compassion instead of judgment?

And what if you recognized that the choice to love is split second, and you can make that choice any time, any place, with anybody?

What if…we discovered that we occupy a very tiny place in the heavens, yet the few moments we take to care about the lives of others are immeasurable and can change the lives of strangers, friends, and loved ones?

What if…?

2 thoughts on “What If…

    • Thanks, Bernadette… I noticed somebody today who was sending some pretty negative vibes to a person in distress, and I thought, how different this whole situation might be if you just offered a smile or showed this person that you were really listening and caring for them… What if that happened? Wouldn’t that change everything?


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