Ramblin’ on 10/19/13

550389_10152155270685564_370242970_nGreat morning.

I’m reading (again) Meditations From the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga. It contains 365 short chapters (just 1-2 pages each) on living a healthy, spiritual life following a practice of yoga and meditation.

The readings seem so timely in my life. Always.

This morning’s reading was all about healing ourselves before we can heal the world. I know that it is something that I preach often, but it is also advice that I need to take myself just as frequently.

These things that matter to us, that keep us focused, are not one-shot injections of faith and confidence. We must continue to hold that focus any way we can. Reading once a week just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes, reading once a day isn’t even good enough. We need to immerse ourselves in positivity and confidence, all the time, and in all ways.

Each daily reading begins with a quote, and today’s is “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.'” (The Talmud)

We need to hear that whisper every day. Even if we don’t hear the words from that particular individual, we need to feel them, know that they are being spoken to us, even when we might not be listening.

“Grow, grow…”

Such a great morning. May your path be lined with positivity and confidence today as you venture onward…

And know — please — that you have an angel cheering for you, no matter how challenging things seem.

Grow, grow….

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