Baltimore Beauty in Autumn

Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to drive along Mt. Carmel Road in northern Baltimore County. The stretch from Falls Road to York Road is one of the most meditative and breathtaking rides close to home. When I looked out my window and saw this view, I had to pull over to really enjoy its natural beauty. I think the turkey vulture in the sky (although I would love to romanticize it as a soaring eagle, but I won’t) adds to the whole concept of perspective, and viewing our lives in different, unique ways.

Imagine that eye from the sky appreciating Baltimore’s patchwork quilt of autumn reds, yellows, oranges. I believe that my only fear would be to remind myself to breathe every now and then. Surely, I would be too swept away to do much of anything else but appreciate its natural beauty.DSC_0080


One thought on “Baltimore Beauty in Autumn

  1. Love this one, Rus. Love the horizontal triangles in the fields offset by the ‘v’ of the bird and the 3 horizontal blocks of color/texture. Looks like Van Gogh would have loved to have painted from this composition. It’s a KEEPER.


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