Moving Day


This moving day was long overdue.

For the last week or so, I have been planning the best way to simplify and streamline my writing and my social media experience. Many years ago, I decided to use BlueHost to handle my various sites. At that time, it was a good decision; the difference between free and paid blogs was extensive. That’s not the case anymore.

So… The following sites have been moved: –> –> –>

The address will house everything I am doing as a writer. It now includes the archives from my other two sites, dating back to 2005.

The Lines of Love address will continue to provide resources for those in need. In addition, I will be expanding our outreach to other groups, including the homeless and victims of domestic violence. Lines of Love is “growing up” and will move beyond the club level at area high schools.

Finally, look for Maryland Voices (creative nonfiction journal) to make a comeback in the fall, with a slightly new look. It, too, is growing up and will be a “journal of literary advocacy” to bring greater awareness to issues of social (in)justice and offer strength to those who are in need.

To all of you: I thank you for following me and supporting me through the years. I hope that these changes will simplify my efforts to share my writing and advocacy with a larger community.


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