An Afternoon in Butler, MD

The following photos were all taken in Butler, MD, earlier this afternoon while on our way to Maryland Saddlery. Madelyn needed a new bit for her bridle, so Braeden and I took to the back roads to snap a few photos. All of these pictures were taken within 2 miles of the Saddlery. There’s beauty to behold everywhere in and around Baltimore. All we need to do is slow down and open our eyes more often.


Two Red Doors. There’s an old stone building on Butler Road, just across the street from the Saddlery. I’m not too sure what it is being used for today, but somebody is taking very good care of it. My first thought when I saw the two doors was that old short story that’s still used in many middle school classrooms, called “Lady, Or The Tiger?” written by Frank Stockton. Which door do you choose? What lies beyond each?


Pink and Purple Loosestrife Wildflowers. Although these were planted in a nicely landscaped bed at the entrance to Maryland Saddlery, you can find these beautiful flowers attracting butterflies all over Maryland.

Silver-Spotted Skipper. One of the most fascinating facts about this common skipper is that they almost never visit flowers that are yellow. Instead, they are attracted to blue, red, pink, and purple flowers. As you can see, today’s skipper was in no mood to be different.

Sweet Maryland Corn. If you are not a native to Maryland, I recommend three must-haves if you visit us during the summer months. First, real Maryland crabs. Just ask for some “number one jimmies,” and you will experience some real seafood nirvana. Second, be sure to pick up some Maryland tomatoes; nothing beats the meaty taste of a good local vine-picked tomato. Third, don’t leave without trying some sweet Maryland corn. We soak ours for about 30 minutes and then cook them (still in the husk with the silk removed) right on the grill for about 25 minutes. Once off the grill, we add butter and Old Bay for a sweet Maryland treat.

If you do these three things on your next visit, you may be looking at some real estate catalogs before you leave town.

Your Standard Maryland Red Barn. It’s pretty hard to drive five miles in any direction when you are in rural Maryland and not see one of these beautiful red barns along the side of the road. Whether they are used to store feed or equipment, they are a mainstay among the rolling farmland greens throughout the state.

If you live in Maryland and have suggestions of places I should visit and photograph, find me on Twitter (@rusvw13) and let me know!

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