Where I’m Writing: Prospect Hill Cemetery


I spent the afternoon at Prospect Hill Cemetery here in Towson, six acres of burial grounds on preserved land just feet from the hectic circle joining five of Towson’s busiest streets.

I am working on a feature that will be published September 10, just two days from the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore.

The feeling here is strong. I am struck with a certain reverence for the men and women who shaped our communities and gave us the opportunities that we now have. Had it not been for the Hillens, the Jarrets, the Bosleys (among others), I doubt we would be so proud to call this our home.

The picture above is, perhaps, the most haunting. It is known on the grounds as “Babyland,” a burial place for infants and toddlers who were taken from the arms of their mothers and fathers long before their time.

These grounds are a part of our familial and community roots. When we release our fears, we begin to embrace that which has always been deep within us, around us, to bring us unconditional strength and love.

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