One thought on “O Captain, My Captain.

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    Hard to put my thoughts together as I found out the deeply saddening news I wanted to believe were just a bad dream… An inspiration for many, including myself. A legend that filled many hearts with tears of laughter and joy. Without his various voices and impressions, I would not have as carefree childhood as I can proudly say that I have, thanks to this Mr Williams. His humorous and always enlightening aura made this place less gloomy than it already is, and I will always go by his philosophies in Dead Poets Society…
    Perhaps he got tired of the chaos on this planet and wanted to set himself free, like Genie… But we will remember him for his greatness, his talent and great influence upon individuals and the film industry as he truly is (for me) the King of Comedy. And he should be given this title officially…
    Rest in Peace Captain, have fun with the other dead poets up there…


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