Three Little Reasons To Write in 2015

IMG_24801. Writing provides discovery, clarity, cleansing, understanding, epiphany, courage, belief, hope, and love — all for yourself as well as for others.

2. Writing keeps you focused on what is most important for you; it’s a natural journey that keeps you moving, keeps you going, keeps you clarifying and refining that journey. When we write, we move.

3. Writing stimulates your creativity, energy, desire, will, and motivation. It reminds you of the courage and energy residing within you, at all times, and at the ready for you to tap, use, and apply.

We write to change our own world before we can change the world around us.

So write for yourself, and see the immediate manifestation of these three little reasons.

3 comments on “Three Little Reasons To Write in 2015

  1. jolivia1016 says:

    Your inspirational and educational posts are interesting reading. I’ve been practicing these 3 little reasons to write since I was about 9 or 10 years old, by keeping journals, and writing poems and even letters. It never hurts to be re-motivated to write!

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  2. John Kropf says:

    A very positive message and something we need more of. Thanks for this boost. I got away from writing somewhere along the line in 2014 and this helps inspire.


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