What Does a Writer Need to Succeed? Redirect to Writer Unboxed

I am reblogging M.L. Swift’s piece here on my site because the guy just tells it like it is. It’s not about the degrees or the path you choose; it’s about so much more — er, less. He writes: “You write, don’t you? How will anyone else accept you as a writer if you haven’t accepted you as a writer?” Enjoy…

M.L. Swift, Writer

Hell-Froze-Over-Attribute Photo by John P.

Well, it’s finally happened. The staff at Writer Unboxed—normally an academic, professional, sane group of folks—have lost their collective minds and put the keyboard in my hands for the day. Either that, or Hell has frozen over. Regardless of the “why’s” and “what-the-for’s,” it’s a sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

While there, I’ll be addressing the Six Things Every Writer Needs To Succeed in my usual, charming, sardonic way. I invite you to join the discussion and see what didn’t make the list. It may surprise you.

Is that four horsemen trotting along the hilltop?




M.L. Swift is a lover of words who squanders away his afternoons arranging them into sentences which, when combined, resemble fiction. A caregiver for over ten years, he has written several articles for The Alzheimer’s Reading Room, and plans a novel on his experience. He lives in…

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