What Should Go Viral

In the last few days, our lives have been inundated with “The Dress” and whether we see the colors white and gold or blue and black.

In my Saturday afternoon travels, I realized that the discussion had reached my local Royal Farms store, my local public library, and my local gym — all in a matter of hours. Everyone seemed infatuated with what colors they saw when they looked at an image of a dress.

Then came the scientific and psychological posts, explaining how and why we saw two different sets of colors. This was quickly followed by the sarcastic and hateful memes and messages that mocked the fascination with The Dress and its colors.

While some individuals expressed their gratitude for this viral image sparking relationships and encouraging dialogue, others shared outrage that something so benign could become so important in a time when there are so many other pressing matters that are not being talked about.

I posted my own little rant on Facebook about The Dress. Here’s what I wrote:

Went to Royal Farms for coffee and the employees, locked in a circuitous debate, asked my opinion about The Dress.

Went to the Public Library and was hit with a display of books on optical illusions, and in the center was an 8×10 photo of The Dress. I slowed down just enough to take in the display, and two people asked me: What colors do you see?

Went to the gym and saw several trainers gathering around an iPad with an image of The Dress. They took turns staring at it, tilting the iPad this way and that. They argued “Blue Black!” and “White Gold!” as we pushed our pedals and tripped our way along treadmills.

My God, if I could just develop half the hype about people embracing love and getting along. It would be nice to see at the Royal Farms, at the Public Library, at the Gym. Instead of saying, “Which colors do you see?” we would be asking, “Do you realize how wonderful you are?”

Then I thought, maybe I am doing little to help the issue I am complaining about. Am I not just another ranter who is being critical without offering a real solution?

So, I made these three images using some original photos. If you like one, steal it and share it with a friend and read it out loud to them. Let them know they are loved, they are wonderful, and they are beautiful. It doesn’t take much to share a kind word with someone, but it can mean so much for a person to hear it.

These are the things that should go viral: Kindness, Love, Beauty. Share that and talk about it. Let that permeate our lives wherever we go.

Love to you all, and I mean that.

youarewonderful youarewonderful2 youarewonderful3

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