A Walk To The Church

Yesterday, I touched on my walk in the woods. These walks have always brought me closer to my spirituality.

In years’ past, that time spent in the woods was absolutely communal. Now, though, as I sit outside Church of the Nativity after my Catholic studies group, I see my communion in the woods as being the extension to the purpose of the church itself.

I see God’s beauty all around me, especially in the untouched woods and natural lands. But now I am beginning to understand how the church itself is the center of that source of spirituality; it is the core, the very sun and light of my worship. It completes my walks in the woods.

Our church is currently under construction to open ourselves to an ever-expanding congregation. I see myself under the same construction, expanding my heart in my journey of sanctification toward a greater holiness. May my house that I am building be as welcome and as serving as Church of the Nativity in their own rebuilding.

Ever grateful for such light and truth, as I am grateful for the light of God in all things around me.  

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