How Do We Act In This American Crisis?

“Tragedy is the great equalizer, and no individual, regardless of wealth or fame, can escape the challenge tragedy brings.” ~John Lewis Yesterday, on my social media pages, I shared my thoughts about yesterday’s mass shooting in Allen, Texas and made the decision to devote more energy to working directly with local leaders and less energy … Continue reading How Do We Act In This American Crisis?

My Ocean at the End of Wye Landing Lane

In late July of 1973, my dad woke me gently from my sleep just after 4 a.m., and immediately I sprung from my bed, slipping on my kid-sized khakis and a pair of fish-head sneakers before heading downstairs to the kitchen. There, he had just finished stirring some instant coffee in my Snoopy mug. The … Continue reading My Ocean at the End of Wye Landing Lane

What Is Your December Prayer?

What is your December prayer? Idina Menzel (whom I love) wrote and performed an original song titled "December Prayer," and it has always resonated with me on several levels. Inspired by her song, I am composing my own "December Prayer," but I would like your help. In the comments, or via email (, please leave … Continue reading What Is Your December Prayer?

Thoughts Composed on Writing in November

I’m spending my day in another county with my Speech and Debate team, as they take on a number of other schools in our local league. There are a few things that demand my full attention as their coach during the day, especially in the morning and between rounds, but for the most part, I … Continue reading Thoughts Composed on Writing in November

Writing Prompt #5: Unconventional Relationships

I share these prompts to encourage writers and creatives of all ages to journal uninhibitedly on a daily basis. No marketing, just prompts.  Don't feel compelled to spend days or even hours crafting the perfect response. Write, sketch, paint, or compose your response in words or colors, musical notes or dance interpretations, and then share … Continue reading Writing Prompt #5: Unconventional Relationships