Our Authentic Show Must Go On

This weekend, I was enthralled by a blog post shared by Mark Willen ("Sexual Assault: When Real Life and Fiction Collide"), who was pondering how his published works hold up in the #MeToo era. As a result of Mark's post, which was weighing heavily on my mind today, I decided to ask a few writers/teachers about … Continue reading Our Authentic Show Must Go On

Taking A Walk In The Woods

I'm sharing this on the trail here in Gunpowder Falls State Park, where I've decided to take a little walk in the woods to reconnect with the Earth. This is my first mobile post here at The Baltimore Writer, an experiment to bring you my experiences more immediately, perhaps a little raw and incomplete.  It's … Continue reading Taking A Walk In The Woods

It’s Time For Us To Get (Really) Acquainted

Hi. I read a piece this weekend by a former student of mine and now fellow writer/author. Amanda, like a few others I know, is really digging deep and writing authentically (here's the piece I'm talking about). She made me turn the mirror on myself and see if I practice what I preach in my … Continue reading It’s Time For Us To Get (Really) Acquainted

34th Street: Missed The Miracle

Post 616.122014 "Missed it by that much." -Secret Agent Maxwell Smart We decided that tonight would be a great night to take our annual trip to 34th Street in Hamden to check out the lights and lawns as only Baltimore can do. We left a little before 7 p.m., stopped at Starbucks to get a … Continue reading 34th Street: Missed The Miracle