The Writer’s Craft: Rethinking Structure When Drafting

I'm not much on labels, but in 1981, Betsy Flowers published an article in Language Arts that talked about the four different kinds of writers. Without going into too much detail, here they are: Madman: Unleashed, uninhibited writing that's a free-flow from brain and heart to parchment. Architect: Planned structures of the story, plotting out … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft: Rethinking Structure When Drafting

November’s Muse: 3 Stories…which to pursue?

I don't know what it is about November and the Muse, but I wish I had the magic potion to hold on to it long after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if November's creativity is triggered by my love affair with NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), or if it has anything to do with most of … Continue reading November’s Muse: 3 Stories…which to pursue?

First-Line Challenge, Part Two (final installment)

Here's the final installment to my story. Part One was posted earlier...if you did NOT read that first, please do so before reading part two.... Thanks again to my friend Brad for initiating this. It was great fun! Enjoy...Remember: this is a first draft. 🙂 *                     *                         * First-line challenge, part two: Inhale: Direct me … Continue reading First-Line Challenge, Part Two (final installment)

First line challenge

I had the good fortune to have Thanksgiving with my lifelong friend, and we exchanged a first-line challenge, where we provided each other with the opening line of a potential story. We negotiated to write 1,000 words by Ravens/Bengals kickoff on Sunday, but I wrote my first 1300 words this morning, with about another 1000 … Continue reading First line challenge

The Writer’s War Within. . .

The Writer's War Within: Exploring the Creative Battleground When Watcher and the Muse Fight for Your Time (for the story behind this vomit draft, see the previous post: 15 on the Fives, no. 7) This is raw, folks. But it's a draft of something, nonetheless. We'll see where it goes. (Already the watcher looks over … Continue reading The Writer’s War Within. . .