If I Were A Speechwriter….

If I were a speechwriter, here's what I would write for every politician, at every level, in our country. To my Constituents: The incidents of violence that are sweeping our nation are tragic, heartbreaking, and unnerving. There is no doubt that we have an epidemic in America that requires action beyond thoughts and prayers, no … Continue reading If I Were A Speechwriter….

Being Relentless in Living Fully: Five Things I Have Learned

The other morning, I found myself rushing out to my car to head to school like any other weekday. The sun was just breaking the horizon, and I was juggling too many bags of work and thinking about beating the early rush along the 25-mile commute. I could feel the tension building already: stress upon … Continue reading Being Relentless in Living Fully: Five Things I Have Learned

Memorial Day: Remember The Sacrifice

My alarm went off at 2:57 a.m., and three minutes later, I received the text from my friend Trina. Leaving now to commence with project honor Memorial Day. Twenty minutes later, at 3:20 a.m., after I had gathered my photo gear and thrown some journals and pens in my backpack, I headed out the door … Continue reading Memorial Day: Remember The Sacrifice

Challenger: 73 Seconds Define 30 Years

Dateline – Tuesday, 28 January 1986. 11:35 a.m. I’m upstairs in my bedroom, cramming the last of my new textbooks in my bag, grabbing a few extra pens and my journal, and checking my look in the mirror: clean-shaven, every single hair gelled in place, and wearing a white oxford with a blue Hugo Boss … Continue reading Challenger: 73 Seconds Define 30 Years

Mentorship Opportunity

A writer friend endorses a mutual mentor. Jodi Cleghorn changed who I am as a writer, and I am forever grateful. Adam’s words below speak for all of us who have had the privilege and honor to be guided by Jodi’s experience and perspective. I recommend her without hesitation. -Rus. ::

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

My very good friend, writing collaborator and co-conspirator, Jodi Cleghorn (@JodiCleghorn) is offering a 12-week mentorship program for new and emerging writers.

If you are wanting to pursue writing then this is an opportunity to invest into your passion and start meeting your writing goals.

You can read Jodi’s account of how she came to this point, what she is offering and download the application form on her blog here: Mentorship and the Future Me.

I have known Jodi from my first writing days in 2009 when I stumbled upon Jodi and Paul Anderson’s website, Write Anything, and their weekly writing prompts. From there I gained her attention and was eventually asked to write for their site until it folded.

Jodi’s enthusiasm for new and emerging writers is unbridled; she was the person who offered me my very first publication in an anthology of new and emerging writers. She is…

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