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(Have you filled out the free inquiry form yet? Take 90 seconds and let me know a little about your needs. No worries about making any kind of commitment at this time; this is just a way to get acquainted. 

The LifeStory Lighthouse offers many opportunities for individuals interested in writing and communicating more effectively. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • -AP/College essay (mentoring and editing)
  • -Memoir writing (all aspects from concept to publication)
  • -Memorial writing (obituary, eulogy, remembrance)
  • -Journaling (for discovery, skill improvement, and therapy)
  • -Motivating reluctant writers
  • -The art and craft of writing fiction and creative nonfiction
  • -The power of revising your work
  • -The entire process involved with publishing your writing
  • -Workshops offered in all of the above areas for small and large groups

Most services fall into three categories: Mentoring, Editing, and Writing (see rates below). Once you fill out the inquiry form above, we provide you with a free consultation to see how we can best help you. Then (and only then), if you feel you are ready to begin, you purchase the first hour of service, and that initiates our working relationship.

Regardless of which hours (or combination) you might purchase, we offer a “buy 5, get 1 free” special. You do NOT need to buy all five hours at once. Whenever you reach five purchased hours, your sixth hour is free.

For LifeStory Mentoring, we provide you with advice and guidance in your writing endeavors. At this level, we do not provide line-by-line editing support.
LifeStory Mentoring: 1 Hour ($35):
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For LifeStory Editing, we provide you with more comprehensive feedback for your work and help you edit your document for your intended audience. It is not uncommon to begin with an hour or two of mentoring at the $35 rate and then move “up” to the editing rate of $50/hour.
LifeStory Editing: 1 Hour ($50):
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For LifeStory Writing, we conduct interviews with you and with other individuals pertinent to the story that will be shared with a larger audience. Typically, this category is for writing obituaries, memorials, and memoir pieces that need to be written and shared, but the individual is not in a condition where s/he can write the story (or does not know how or even does not want to). Older individuals, people with a terminal illness, or individuals incapable of writing their story often choose this option.
LifeStory Writing: 1 Hour ($65):
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I also offer online tutoring at a rate of $15/quarter-hour. Please contact me directly at for a free consultation to discuss how I can best help you.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

My workshops and lectures focus on the writer as much as they provide specific strategies to improve writing at all levels. Contact me directly at for rates, topics, and availability.

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