Update #5: 10/28/12 @1400: Romancing The Storm

"This Is A Serious Killer Storm." Governor Martin O'Malley Current Conditions/What To Expect (From The Weather Channel) The winds are definitely picking up now at 14 mph, gusting to 21 mph. By 4 p.m., we should see light rain throughout the entire area. Rain will continue to increase over the next 24 hours. Temperatures will … Continue reading Update #5: 10/28/12 @1400: Romancing The Storm

Romancing The Storm: Saturday 10/27/12 @0719

Romancing the Storm is a collection of blog posts and articles that I will be publishing from Saturday, October 27, through the first week of November. In these entries, I will be chronicling the approach, landfall, and aftermath of hurricane Sandy as it makes its way toward and through the Mid-Atlantic region, adding my own … Continue reading Romancing The Storm: Saturday 10/27/12 @0719