Instant Happy Therapy: You Are In Control

I am fascinated with the trends on my social media feeds, or at least the ones that Facebook and other social networking sites chooses for us. If somebody with a pretty strong presence in my feed rails about the injustices of customer service, it seems as if it is nearly always followed by a run … Continue reading Instant Happy Therapy: You Are In Control

Put Yourself First To Be Selfless

It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Put YOURSELF first to be selfLESS? Such a contradiction, right? I mean, it goes against everything that we've been taught. How HORRIBLE of you to think of yourself first! Do you realize how much more helpful you could be if you devoted more time to others? Instead of taking that … Continue reading Put Yourself First To Be Selfless

Baby I’m A Rich Man

I have to tell you, I've been very blessed. I'm 47, I'm in excellent health and I am continuing with a workout regimen to get me ready for the Baltimore Half-Marathon on October 13. I've got some great websites running (,, and, to mention a few), and I am surrounded by great, great … Continue reading Baby I’m A Rich Man